2017 – 36° Convegno Nazionale di Geofisica della Terra solida (GNGTS), Trieste, Italy, 14 november 2017. Bonali F.L., Tibaldi A., Pasquaré Mariotto, F., Russo E., Alania V., Chabukiani A., Enukidze O., Tsereteli N., From field to geophysical data: an example of ongoing fold growth from the Greater Caucasus, Republic of Georgia. Abstract download

2016 – From Deep Earth to Surface processes and sustainability: integrating lithosphere dynamics with rift basins and margins. A joint meeting of the TOPO-EUROPE Programme and ILP Task Forces Sedimentary Basins (VI), Subducted Lithosphere (IV) and Magma and lithosphere (II). Clermont-Ferrand, 2-6 october. Bonali F.L., Tibaldi A., Pasquaré Mariotto F.A., Einarsson P., Rust D., Hjartardóttir A.R., Rift-transform fault interactions: A textbook example from Northern IcelandAbstract download

2015 – 35 Years of ILP “Celebrating Excellence in Solid Earth Sciences” ILP’s Third Potsdam Conference – Potsdam, 21-23 september 2015. Bonali F.L. and Tibaldi A., Sensitivity analysis of earthquakeinduced static stress changes on volcano magma pathways: the 2010 Mw 8.8 Chile case. Abstract download

2015 – 26th General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG), Prague, Czech Republic, 27 june-1 july. 1) Bonali F.L., Rovida A., New insights on pre-1900 great earthquakes along the Peru-Chile trench2) Bonali F.L., Lanzano G., D’Amico M., Locati M., Luzi L., Pacor F., Puglia R., Rovida A., MARS: A new tool for macroseismic data regression and analysisAbstract download 1; Abstract download 2; 

2013 – AiQAM, Workshop on Advances in Quantitative Analogue Modelling, GFZ German Research Centre For Geosciences, Potsdam, 23-27 September. (Poster presentation – Tortini R., Bonali F.L., Corazzato C., Carn S.A., Tibaldi A., Quantifying Deformation in Volcano Analogue Modelling: an Innovative Application of the KinectTM Sensor

2013 – IAVCEI Scientific Assembly, Kagoshima, Japan, 20-24 July. Bonali L.F., Corazzato C., Tibaldi A., How earthquake-induced static stress change could promote new volcanic eruptions: an example from the Southern Volcanic Zone, Chilean AndesAbstract download

2012 – EGU General Assembly, Wien, Austria, 22-27 April. Bonali F.L., Tibaldi A., Corazzato C., Lanza F., Cavallo A., Nardin A., Elastic stress interaction between faulting and volcanism in the Olacapato-San Antonio de Los Cobres area (NW Argentina)Abstract download

2011 – Invited talk at the Michigan Technological University (20/06/2011, Houghton-USA):  The 2010 M=8.8 Chile Earthquake in promoting Eruptions.

2010 – ILP Conference “Solid Earth – Basic Science for the Human Habitat”, Potsdam, Germany, 6-8 October. Bonali F.L., Tibaldi A., Cavallo A., Corazzato C., Lanza F., Nardin A., Elastic stress interaction between faulting and volcanoes along the Calama-Olacapato-El Toro fault zone, Central AndesAbstract download

2009 – ILP joint Task Force Meeting, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 5-9 October. Bonali F.L., Corazzato C., Tibaldi A., Morphometry of Pyroclastic Cones and Dykes to Identifying Volcanic Rift Zones: An Example from La Réunion, Indian OceanAbstract download


ILP meeting picture (2015)