My research

In the last years, during my MSc and PhD work I focused my research interest in active tectonics and volcano-tectonics. Particular attention was devoted to identifying active volcanic rift zones and active faults in intracontinental settings, to modeling of stress transfer both along active faults and volcanic arcs, and to the intrusions of dykes and inclined sheets in the crust and in volcanic edifices. Such topics were developed by a multidisciplinary approach, which includes field survey and data collection, GIS mapping, database handling, numerical and analogue modelling. In the next future, I am interested in focusing my research on active volcanoes, studying stress and strain changes induced by magmatic intrusions and active tectonics, by integrating all the possible available data, in order to increase the awareness  on eruption precursors. I am also committed to outreach and teaching activities dealing with the outcomes of the research.