New papers just published

Tibaldi, A., Bonali, F.L., 2018a. Contemporary extension and compression in the Central Andes. Journal of Structural Geology, 107, 73-92.

Varazanashvili, O., Tsereteli, N., Bonali, F.L., Arabidze, V., Russo, E., Pasquaré Mariotto, F. Gogoladze, Z., Tibaldi, A., Kvavadze, N., Oppizzi, P., 2017. GeoInt, the first macroseismic intensity database for the Republic of Georgia. Journal of Seismology, in press. DOI: 10.1007/s10950-017-9726-5

Tibaldi, A., Bonali, F.L., Pasquaré Mariotto F., Russo, E., 2017e. Differentiating lava slip planes from tectonics faults: A key issue in structural geology. Global and Planetary Change, in press, available online 6 November 2017.

Tibaldi, A., Russo, E., Bonali, F.L., Alania, V., Chabukiani, A., Enukidze, O., Tsereteli, N., 2017c. 3-D anatomy of an active fault-propagation fold: A multidisciplinary case study from Tsaishi, western Caucasus (Georgia). Tectonophysics.

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