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MARS – Macroseismic Data Regression and Analysis

A new tool for macroseismic data regression and analysis has been developed by INGV team: Bonali F.L., Lanzano G. and D’Amico M..


MARS has been tailored for an integrated analysis of macroseismic intensity datasets in order to support the calibration of Intensity Prediction Equations (IPEs). Modules are developed for: i) data plot; ii) statistical analysis of the dataset; iii) IPEs calibration; iv) analysis of residuals.

Example of plot

It is designed to develop an in-depth study of large datasets composed by earthquakes and intensity points, as well as by a single event. A first release of the tool is showing at 26th IUGG GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2015, Prague congress centre, June 22-July 2, 2015.